Friday, May 8, 2015

Mikes Metal Show 7

Welcome to this burnt offering to the metal gods old and new.

This week I have a line up of triple and double shots with a few one and done too.  This week Rob Zombie live, Acid King some real decent stoner and doom metal, Progressive Metal /  Rock By Seventies band King Crimson .  a few new  acts to the metal show this week as well. Symphonic Metal by the band Nota Profana they hail from Venezuela.  Here is a link to Tina Guo a cellist stacks_image_6557who with Al Di meola does a damn fine cover of sanitarium by Metallica

Also we have a four part set from the pagan metal band WILDERUN called “the ash memory”off their new album “ SLEEP AT THE EDGE OF THE EARTH" 

Also  Music from the free music archives run by WWW.WFMU.ORG AND FREE  IS IS A GOOD  THING

last but not least new stuff from faith no moreAlbumArt_{889A9CFE-5075-4C19-A921-C0C0D89D7BB8}_Large

SOL INVITUS ("Unconquered Sun"). and one unreleased black Sabbath track  Singer unknown.

Here is the ‌LINK TO THE NEW SHOW.

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