Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mikes comedy show 1111

It seems like I have done over a thousand comedy shows so I will start numbering them 1111,2222 and so on.

This weeks burnt offering  comes from the bottom of what's left of any humor in my black heart, In other words its got to BE damn funny to make me laugh, but then again I'm pretty twisted in what I call funny.  That being written I have a crap load of music, dirty poems by yours truly10914836_10205028770454282_4809766816058216388_o

and more mirth and merriment by Spike Jones spike 

and Bo BurnhamBo Burnham and

a good buddy who has done a radio show here as well as Thamuz Chemosh Its ode TO THE ACT of  masturbation and gives you the beginnings of some of the most fun a person can have all by themselves. lol



Here is the Link to the show. NSFW or children, dogs and cats and a rooster or two OK.

Doo wop and dirty tunes  don’t get any better unless your getting a blumpkin>>>>

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