Friday, August 21, 2015

Mikes Rock Show Volume 1

First band up this week all them witches A bluesy feel and nice melodies 

Boston Gloobe

Then we follow up with the Atlantean Kodex doing one called Twelve Stars and a Azure Moon, and one called Sol Invictus (un-conquered Sun)

Next we NEW stuff from fAITH nO mORE AND  they are doing a track called Sol INvictus, The tittle of their new Album  


Next Fleetwood Mac Sisters of the Moon and TuskDick_JumpLRL Read HERE for info about the songs.

Black Sabbath is next the we Have some Zappa from the Album Your are what you is.

Next up Riot-Of-The-Living-Dead check 'en\m out here

Next is the Satans Pilgrims and horror punk band more from this in a further show.

Joe Satrini Guns and roses follow and we end up with a tune By Alien Stash Tin.

Download show here via torrent

and listen here or download


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mikes Y’s Progressive Rock show

hail all and welcome to the rock show, I think I put a pretty good mix together this week, Here are just a few of the acts we will here this WEEK.

The Deformators, Jason Mythos, Dumbo gets Mad,

New Stuff from a great British band… Alien Stash Tin tin

Pink Floyd, Burzum, Buckethead, Bob Seeger and the System and the silver Bullet band, New Cradle Of Filth, King Crimson and many more.


Here is a download link Use a torrent client like U torrent and the show is yours.

Here is direct link to stream the shows.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Devils Oldies Show 34



Here we are once more going to sit back and relax to some oldies picked by yours truly and the Devil, this weeks burn t offering is a follow-up to  the BB King special I did a few weeks ago. I had such a response that I decided to keep it going for one more show. This week I feature several acts first up is the TEEN KINGS 01

Second FEATURED act  is Gene Vincent and the Bluecaps bluecAPS Gene Vincent Bio

And the third featured act is Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention playing some select doo wop from their classic Album, Cruising  with Reuben and the Jets jets .

Now don't get me wrong there is loads of music in between those bands Listen and find out. Here is the link to the show.

and if you want hour of free music concerts Check out these links FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE and this one

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Devils oldies show BB King tribute



Hail al and welcome to this edition of Evil Twisted tunes and Radio Genocide

This week I am doing a tribute show to BB King if you don’t know who BB King was… if you stick around you will soon learn. This week BB KING ERIC CLAPTON are the feature acts with other tuneage by Bo Didley, Vicky Young, Smiley Lewis, Fats Domino, The Ventures,  Buddy Knox, King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones and Roger Waters.

Here is the link to BB Kings web site. 

Here is a

picture I took several years ago over in Manchester Vermont when he was on his Lloyds ribs tourbb_king and one I snatched from the web in his younger daysbb king 1

This one is a keeper here is the LINK to the show.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mikes Metal Show 7

Welcome to this burnt offering to the metal gods old and new.

This week I have a line up of triple and double shots with a few one and done too.  This week Rob Zombie live, Acid King some real decent stoner and doom metal, Progressive Metal /  Rock By Seventies band King Crimson .  a few new  acts to the metal show this week as well. Symphonic Metal by the band Nota Profana they hail from Venezuela.  Here is a link to Tina Guo a cellist stacks_image_6557who with Al Di meola does a damn fine cover of sanitarium by Metallica

Also we have a four part set from the pagan metal band WILDERUN called “the ash memory”off their new album “ SLEEP AT THE EDGE OF THE EARTH" 

Also  Music from the free music archives run by WWW.WFMU.ORG AND FREE  IS IS A GOOD  THING

last but not least new stuff from faith no moreAlbumArt_{889A9CFE-5075-4C19-A921-C0C0D89D7BB8}_Large

SOL INVITUS ("Unconquered Sun"). and one unreleased black Sabbath track  Singer unknown.

Here is the ‌LINK TO THE NEW SHOW.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mikes comedy show 1111

It seems like I have done over a thousand comedy shows so I will start numbering them 1111,2222 and so on.

This weeks burnt offering  comes from the bottom of what's left of any humor in my black heart, In other words its got to BE damn funny to make me laugh, but then again I'm pretty twisted in what I call funny.  That being written I have a crap load of music, dirty poems by yours truly10914836_10205028770454282_4809766816058216388_o

and more mirth and merriment by Spike Jones spike 

and Bo BurnhamBo Burnham and

a good buddy who has done a radio show here as well as Thamuz Chemosh Its ode TO THE ACT of  masturbation and gives you the beginnings of some of the most fun a person can have all by themselves. lol



Here is the Link to the show. NSFW or children, dogs and cats and a rooster or two OK.

Doo wop and dirty tunes  don’t get any better unless your getting a blumpkin>>>>