Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mike Y presents Valentines day 2015, Die Cupid Die


Here is the link to the show.

My take on Valentines day wore off after year 20 of being married, I love my wife after thirty years she should know this by now, its other couples I see who are so called in love or LUST but I see the love wear off and turn to something ugly, worse than hate… Indifference

So that is where I start this show I YOU CANT LOVE YOUR SELF YOU CANT LOVE ANYONE ELSE.  This weeks show covers several genre’s of music from country to rock and death metal. Some are dirty some are funny but think about what you have as far as a partner or lover or whatever then the selection of tunes sort of cum together

Songs this week are :

DeVynals I touch myself, Billy Idol Dancing with myself, Chuck berry My ding-a-ling. Hank Williams III Luvin and hugging, calling your name, Howard Vokes Judge of hearts, Moccasin Creek Daddy's pride, One Last Kiss, Omar and the howlers, Shame shame shame, You don’t have to go, Robin Trower, Hound dog, When I heard your name, Neil Young and Crazy horse, Get a job, She’ll be Cumming around the mountain, Sidhe, She is a Witch, The Doors, I cant see your face in my mind, Love me two times, Cradle Of Filth, Bathory aria Her ghost in the fog. Monk Turner.. Valentines directions for the lonely. Rolling Stones, Cocksucker blues, GG alin, Blowjobs, I want to fuck your brains out, tHE Tiger Lillie's,   MY SHEEP and last but not forgotten Fleetwood Mac, Tusk.