Thursday, January 23, 2014

Radio Genocide and Evil Twisted Tunes Present EVIL HARRY’S METAL SHOW

The New Metal Show can be downloaded or listened HERE.

The entire show and all its components can be downloaded Here as well. 


Hail everyone, The comedy is over its back to some hard metal and Suicidal/ Depressive blackness.  One of the bright spots is Buckethead doing tracks from “Worms for the Garden” and a bluesy one from “Feathers”.

We do have some sick metal one from Visceral Evisceration, and Silencer.  they make me smile and cringe at the same time, Just sayin’

Now if that isnt enough and it should be for free, we have a band “ I shalt become that has the most unsettling tune I have heard in a few years, Riot, from their release, Louisiana Voodoo . The elves come dancing as Burzum steps up.

coverNext a triple shot from Gentle Giant not quite progressive metal but its fits in with the show.

Two tracks from “A Pale Horse Named Death” bring us back to life The band, “ Astral Domine”  Have Elves being tortured its fun to hear their pleas. 

Last but no least we finish with the 

Atlantean Kodex  They are an up and coming band.. More from them in future shows.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Radio Genocide Presents Mikes Radio Show A mixed bag of goodies

Im back with another show of ill repute this one is a mixed bag of goodies from some old FCC banned tracks Hank III, Jimmi Homeless, Fish, Kiss, Black Veiled Brides, Johnny Cash and so on , there is lots of progressive rock and metal in this show, also some stuff that is NSFW...  One track from Buckethead stands out as the best I have ever heard from him its the title track off his one of 13 releases is 2013, Worms for the garden,,, The Man shreds.  Here is the ‌Link to the new Show and a little bit about Buckethead .

Mostly this a progressive music show with a few bits of metal and comedy thrown in for good measure. NSFW unless you got headphoneswormsEnjoy the show> Mike

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Radio Genocide Presents, A comedy Show Mikes Comedy show to be exact.

coverHail everyone I've been away too long Had some issues in my personal life although  its not quite over I needed a laugh so I dug into the archives and got some new stuff and decided to do a little test show as the software I was using was giving me a fit.  I hope the bugs are worked out… If only I could type.

Anyway this weeks burnt offering has Faye Richmonde, Bo Carter, Omar and the Howlers, a real funny country western singer, Stuart Daniel Baker, better known by his stage name, Unknown Hinsonunknown1Also this week some Hank III off his first album a song by the Melvins “slowly going deaf” a song about whacking the johnson, Bo Burnham, and several songs banned by the FCC after months of airplay…

Last but not least I invite you to the The Rotten Cocksuckers ball and as always you can download the tracks Here and listen there as well. Here is the complete show.