Thursday, January 16, 2014

Radio Genocide Presents Mikes Radio Show A mixed bag of goodies

Im back with another show of ill repute this one is a mixed bag of goodies from some old FCC banned tracks Hank III, Jimmi Homeless, Fish, Kiss, Black Veiled Brides, Johnny Cash and so on , there is lots of progressive rock and metal in this show, also some stuff that is NSFW...  One track from Buckethead stands out as the best I have ever heard from him its the title track off his one of 13 releases is 2013, Worms for the garden,,, The Man shreds.  Here is the ‌Link to the new Show and a little bit about Buckethead .

Mostly this a progressive music show with a few bits of metal and comedy thrown in for good measure. NSFW unless you got headphoneswormsEnjoy the show> Mike

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