Saturday, January 11, 2014

Radio Genocide Presents, A comedy Show Mikes Comedy show to be exact.

coverHail everyone I've been away too long Had some issues in my personal life although  its not quite over I needed a laugh so I dug into the archives and got some new stuff and decided to do a little test show as the software I was using was giving me a fit.  I hope the bugs are worked out… If only I could type.

Anyway this weeks burnt offering has Faye Richmonde, Bo Carter, Omar and the Howlers, a real funny country western singer, Stuart Daniel Baker, better known by his stage name, Unknown Hinsonunknown1Also this week some Hank III off his first album a song by the Melvins “slowly going deaf” a song about whacking the johnson, Bo Burnham, and several songs banned by the FCC after months of airplay…

Last but not least I invite you to the The Rotten Cocksuckers ball and as always you can download the tracks Here and listen there as well. Here is the complete show.

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