Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Radio Genocide Presents Evil Harry’s Metal Show.

Hail everyone this is the first metal show from Radio Genocide Its defiantly NSFW unless you want to lose your job!!! Download it and enjoy the sickness at home or in your car.

Acts this week are as follows Harvey Milk, Candlemass,  Crotchduster, Apocalyptica, Aerosmith, Genghis Tron, HankIII,  John Valby, and couple others if time allows, so listen and be entertained but Don’t bitch about the content. You do have freewill, However I will do my best to end that… LOL oh I almost forgot. I did a little fucking with a Korn Song for those who really think the band is full of themselves… For those who don’t get it… forgive me(NOT)

At the Epicurean Gynecologist By  Visceral Evisceration Now the lyrics below are a very rough translation but the gist of the story goes like this. My German is a bit rusty.

This woman goes to see this doctor who is really a serial killer and a cannibal, He rapes and kills her and her un born child, her sister figures out what has happened and she is also a killer (of Men) and she has quite an appetite as well. She avenges her sisters death.  


Pregnant women awaiting their child
Pout inly inspection turns into fell fright
Fresh... arrivals get slashed first
A notorious... doctor slakes his thirst
Osseous remains totally gnaw
Lying... astride he amputates her shanks
Followed... by fingers, arms, legs and hands
With a hammer the baby gets shattered
Reprobating frig it until it is tattered
Excise his blue eyes out of the sockets
To drench them in this bloody mess
Consume emphatic string of the newborn
Eructate shreds of ribald flesh
Venereal organs - smirched with sedulous urine
Ropy rectum - bisected, blotchy innards in between
Abreast with those two torsos
Sated of this beefy meal
Finally slobbering her bony mammilla
Embalm the boob with fecal excreta
Gurneys cling on the gynecological chair
Stench of decay creates mortuary flair
After... the room is cleaned up again
Another... woman awaits her bloodshed
But tables are turned now
To an orgy in blood-red
Elegant she emasculates him
Genital dinner with knife & fork
Ketch-up on the severed scrotums
Salacious scrunch his well-proportioned cock

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