Friday, October 18, 2013

Radio Genocide Presents The Evil Harry Metal Show 2

Hail one and all this burnt offering is dedicated to progressive metal fans everywhere. This week we on the show we have Opeth, 8 ft. Sativa, A great heavy metal band who goes by the name Red Fang, Three from them and their new Album Whales and Leeches, then we have an epic metal band the Alantean Kodex thy hail from Germany.
Next I have an early garage band from the mid sixties, they went by the name Twas Brillig(Alice through the looking glass) then we have a bit of tunes about breasts, after all it breast cancer awareness month, Let me see Two, by Honchie, Los Implants- Her Boobs,  ... And A little mash up called Hollywood tits on the Radio, Lady Gaga's Hollywood and the Scissor sisters Tits on the radio. Last but not least the another epic metal band from the like of Bathory, Xanthochroid they are doing two Wintersun covers and then we finish with them doing an Opeth cover Harvest.100_0362100_0364100_0365100_0366

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