Friday, August 21, 2015

Mikes Rock Show Volume 1

First band up this week all them witches A bluesy feel and nice melodies 

Boston Gloobe

Then we follow up with the Atlantean Kodex doing one called Twelve Stars and a Azure Moon, and one called Sol Invictus (un-conquered Sun)

Next we NEW stuff from fAITH nO mORE AND  they are doing a track called Sol INvictus, The tittle of their new Album  


Next Fleetwood Mac Sisters of the Moon and TuskDick_JumpLRL Read HERE for info about the songs.

Black Sabbath is next the we Have some Zappa from the Album Your are what you is.

Next up Riot-Of-The-Living-Dead check 'en\m out here

Next is the Satans Pilgrims and horror punk band more from this in a further show.

Joe Satrini Guns and roses follow and we end up with a tune By Alien Stash Tin.

Download show here via torrent

and listen here or download


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Mikes%20rock%20Show%201.ogg 21-Aug-2015 18:30 91.5M
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