Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Devils Oldies Show 34



Here we are once more going to sit back and relax to some oldies picked by yours truly and the Devil, this weeks burn t offering is a follow-up to  the BB King special I did a few weeks ago. I had such a response that I decided to keep it going for one more show. This week I feature several acts first up is the TEEN KINGS 01

Second FEATURED act  is Gene Vincent and the Bluecaps bluecAPS Gene Vincent Bio

And the third featured act is Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention playing some select doo wop from their classic Album, Cruising  with Reuben and the Jets jets .

Now don't get me wrong there is loads of music in between those bands Listen and find out. Here is the link to the show.

and if you want hour of free music concerts Check out these links FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE and this one

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