Saturday, March 1, 2014

Radio GENOCIDE and EVIL Twisted Tunes Presents, The EVIL HARRY’S METAL SHOW 3


Here are the LINKS to the new show,This one gets the show in Streaming WMAHERE as well download

and this link the individual tracks.

ENJOY the show

AS a added surprise this week I have a contest towards the end of the we are going to play guess that tune, artist  etc . first person that guesses the tune or artist wins a 10 $ gift card from best buy.


Welcome to this new edition of the Evil Harry’s metal show This weeks show puts EVIL front and forward. First bit of EVIL, the band The CornbugsCORNBUGS-SPOT-THE-PSYCHO

With several sick and demetend tracks off spot the psycho.






The other featured band is the Band Nihternnes and his one project Son of Son, this is the entire ep folks runs over 40 mins. ITS worth every evil second.

Also this week the bands are KISS from monster,Andy Winter from incomprehensible,  Crematory, A pale horse named death, Katatonia, Blackmore Night, and one of favorite metal bands Drowning the Light.

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